EWBE specialise in saving operational costs caused by inefficient running of major mechanical and electrical services and controls within a building. Typically, EWBE have reduced these costs by 30% or more.

Poor operation of plant always results in excessive energy costs, which for our clients often runs into tens of thousands of pounds within the leisure and hospitality industry and millions within manufacturing where productivity can also be compromised.

Our initial approach is to create an asset list of the all mechanical equipment on site, provide a working report on the savings available - in 3 categories - and provide realistic figures for the cost of achieving savings.

Our unique focus is on cost and energy saving, and we monitor your utilities throughout so that reductions can be proven in as close to real time as possible.

EWBE will provide you with the facts - good or bad - and present various solutions, with a strategic cost plan, ensuring savings always exceed costs.

Short Term

Our initial approach is to track down the ‘no-cost’ solutions. Between 30% and 40% of the energy consumed in a building is wasted due to bad staff practises, poorly maintained plant and machinery and control settings that are incorrect and wasteful.

Medium Term

Also in our initial report will be mention of areas of your business that may require some investment in order to achieve savings.  We will discuss these areas with you and give detail of the investment required and, more importantly, the expected ROI (return on investment) that will assist in making decisions.

Long Term

This is up to you. We have worked closely with our main clients over many years and have managed investment projects worth millions to modernise and futureproof their business.

Next Steps...

If you would like to discuss what EWBE could do for your business, get in touch via the website and we'll arrange a visit.